Anthony Nelson

Exercise Physiologist

Hi I’m Anthony! I moved around when I was growing up, but I call Chattanooga my hometown. I really got interested in health when I was competing in the Mercedes Benz Marathon in high school after track season ended. I stopped competing in college and pursued other passions, but decided that I loved learning about the human body.

I noticed people worry about all types of things, but for some reason many people don’t seem as concerned about their health. When I see someone take an interest in improving themselves, I want to be a part of it. I am glad to be on the Onsight Fitness team because I want to help people achieve their goals, and I want to contribute to a healthier community. I am excited to be working with a group of evidenced-based people to make changes in people’s lives.

When I’m not learning, I’m either climbing or playing music, which are two of my lifelong passions. Nature helps me recharge my brain, and I am happy to explore with anyone who wants to adventure with me.


B.S. Exercise Science