We obsess over the details

Because well… you deserve it



Onsight fitness delivers the comprehensive fitness experience. Our programs address muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint mobility, body balance, and training recovery. Based on science and backed by evidence, our clients see effective, sustainable results. Our personal trainers are educated, experienced, and passionate about guiding clients through the fitness process.


Onsight fitness features a sleek space, where design meets fitness. A simple layout makes the atmosphere open and invigorating.

Fully customizable feature lighting enables us to use a full spectrum of color to match the mood or intensity of your movements.

With a maximum capacity of four clients, you have the space to enjoy every element that we have to offer.



Our facility offers first class amenities for all of our clients.

For a post workout rejuvenation, we provide essential oil infused towels that are chilled to energize the senses and cool body surface temperature.

A spacious, private restroom features a full shower and any hygiene, grooming or beauty product you might need to freshen up after a workout.

Recovery is very important to us, so we offer our clients exclusive access to a range of treatments. Therapeutic massage, sports massage, cupping and graston treatments ensure your recovery program is just as thorough as your training.

We make sure our clients fuel their bodies well, so we provide access to portion controlled and nutrient rich meals provided by NourishPoint. Meals can be pre-ordered and picked up at the desk after your session.