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Your training should be the same

Private Personal Training

Tailored for the individual, our private personal
training is unparalleled and all about you. If you are looking to undergo a dramatic change in how you feel, how you look, and how you move, then this is your solution.
Our trainers are award winning, academically published exercise physiologists that are uniquely qualified to guide you through programs that are designed to improve health and quality of life.
Tier 1: $600/month
Tier 2: $900/month

Semi-Private Personal Training

The perfect combination of professional fitness instruction and social atmosphere. If a one on one setting is not the solution then semi private may appeal to the more social individual that still seeks uniquely designed training. These session contain up to 3 clients all working at the same time toward their customized goals. One of our trainers is assigned to oversee and guide each individual through their program.
Tier 1: $300/month
Tier 2: $400/month

Fitness Startup Personal Training

Looking for an approach to high-performance living? Our Fitness Startup Package is the short-term solution for long-term fitness. The first step is to undergo a comprehensive health, fitness, and lifestyle assessment in our facility. Then one of our coaches will evaluate your results and meet with you for two personal training sessions to teach you exactly how to accomplish your goals.
$200 – limited to one time only

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