The Onsight Assessment - a 90 minute evaluation of exercise history, vital measurements, functional movement screening, strength testing, VO2 Max testing, and an in depth movement education. The Onsight Assessment is designed to help relearn the body and gain perspective on how to personally achieve optimal long term physical health.


    Client undergoes Private or Semi-Private training for 3-6 months working closely with an exercise physiologist to reach the exercise recommendations and build exercise confidence.


    We track 7 of the most important fitness health metrics and educate the client on the importance of each.


    The results of the Onsight Assessment are sent to the individual along with relevant exercise recommendations, self programming guidelines, and local resources that promote increased physical activity.


    When a client has finished 3-6 months of training and displays an understanding of exercise guidelines, health metrics, and exercise confidence we off-board them to community partners or home workouts for lifelong fitness.