Nicholas Boer

Professional Exercise is Medicine Consultant

I received my doctorate in exercise physiology and my masters of public health (epidemiology) from the University of Pittsburgh. I am a member of the national American College of Sports Medicine: Exercise is Medicine – Community Health committee. I have studied the public health implications of exercise on health for many years. I have been teaching in the Health and Human Performance department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and have taught exercise prescription to most of the current trainers. It was always my vision that we need a private exercise facility whose focus is to improve health and sell what exercise can do for people rather than a dream that is difficult to attain for many people. This would provide jobs for college graduates and improve the quality of fitness instruction in the community. I have consulted with Onsight Fitness since its inception and worked with them on developing a system that adheres to the best practices that are taught in an academic setting while giving clients a fun and enjoyable experience. I have enjoyed watching my students develop into highly qualified professionals. It has been rewarding to see my relationship change from professor:student to a colleague. I look forward to working with Onsight Fitness into the future and revolutionizing the fitness industry.


Ph.D. Exercise Physiology

Master of Public Health